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Tue, 17th Mar 2009
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Fri, 26th Mar 2010

   How to tell if my phone is unlocked?


How to tell if my phone is unlocked?


Borrow a SIM from a friend who has an account with a different GSM wireless service provider (T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular) and see if you can make a phone call. If it works, and your phone thinks it is his (or her) phone with that phone's number, then your phone is already unlocked. But if it creates some sort of error message and doesn't work, then your phone is locked.

Remember, unlocked cell phones do not come with carrier specific internet installation since it varies from provider to provider. Since MMS is the transfer of data via internet, internet installation is required for MMS to work. Our certified technicians may be able to install both internet access & MMS on your phone. We provide this option during your initial purchase, and may be able to install wirelessly over the air for qualified phones. There is a small service fee, contact us for further details.

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Comment posted
i want to purchase a blackberry storm 9530 but would like to know what is in the box along with the phone

Comment posted
well in that case, the n1 wireless has sent me a locked phone

Comment posted
Being unlocke does not always mean that you can get mms to send pictures. I just bough an lg ks360, I can get my att calls and text but cannot send or receive pictures I just spent an hour on the phone with ATT tech and it cannot be changed, now what?

Comment posted
Good Afternoon i ordered a phone from your company a couple weeks ago and when i t came in the mail i noticed it was in the wrong service it is ATT serviced however i have tmobile so i was just goin to switch to ATT so i took it to an ATT store to get a sim card for it and it turns out the phone doesnt work at all i paid almost 400.00 dollars for this phone and i have tried to call you often over the past couple weeks i need a new WORKING phone asap Thank you

Comment posted
can a loock phone be unloocked?

Comment posted
hi want to buy unlock phone i bur some from another company before said is unlock but i put a sim card in a it wont work wen i buy a unlock phone a take to the bahamas i want the phone to work also wat type of unlock phone do i need to buy gsm -cdma or unlock no contract phone

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