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Tue, 17th Mar 2009
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Fri, 26th Mar 2010

   Open box


What is open box?


What are certified open box products?

Open box is the term used for all merchandise opened either for testing or the package was damaged during manufacture shipment. All certified tests undergo strict processing to insure that almost all units receive maximum quality inspection along with superb performance before it leaves the factory. All certified open box Bluetooth products are covered by manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee warranty. For extended coverage, you may choose CPS replacement plan up to 2 additional years.


Why buy in open box? Go Green!

Substantial savings for the same exact product cannot be beaten. Many people throw away the package and wrappings whenever they purchase something. This is such a burden on the environment. Why go through that mess paying more just for the packaging when it would be thrown away at the end? There should not be any reason not to get open box merchandises. They are fully tested and inspected, while repackaged before shipment. We assure that the device meets n1wireless premiere quality standards.

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Article Comments 

Comment posted
yo vivo en queens y ustedes en brooklyn cual es su direccion de ustedes y como puedo llegar o solo hacen pedidos por correo gracias

Comment posted
just received my motorola hd bluetooth headphones and i reveived it broken. I tried calling there costusmer survice and they will not receive my phone calls. this totally blows!!! I should have went to Best Buy and bought them from there.

Comment posted
i buyed bluetooth off u its not working

Comment posted
It said open box but did not say if there was anything included with it.

Comment posted
Their open box products dont even come with all the materials that are provided by the manufacturer. I am missing 2 items in thier "open box."

Comment posted
Open Box is completely deceptive. I had no idea i was buying a used peice of equipemt that would not be in like new condition. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 was scratched and had no sim card and there were no instructions of any kind to enable immediate use. I received 16 days after I ordered and when I initiated a request to return the on line process stopped because it disallowed processing ater 15 days. I had not had it 24 hours!!!

Comment posted
Pretty much not as described in the open box definition. Mine was old with scratches and depleted battery. Touch screen was dead. Fortunately the customer service department gave me a RA# and a partial refund. Ended losing $30 on the deal.

Comment posted
The jawbone jambox (open box) was sent to me in an envelope stuffed in a box with no padding or protection. It is extremely bent and dented and the charger connection is broken...

Comment posted
I just received a Big Jambox wireless speaker for Christmas present and the unit is damaged and I tried to call customer service and no one answers. Very disappointed!! The savings is not enough to justify the damage. I would rather spend the extra $20 and get one from a reputable organization!!! Be careful if Buying from N1 Wireless!!!!

Comment posted
I bought a blueant s4 from these guys. I assumed it was new. But when it arrived, the plastic screen had scratches all over it. I have sent them messages about it, but they have not replied, and now I found out that its too late for me to return it. Even though I have only had it for a week.

Comment posted
I don't want to jump the gun just yet but I ordered a Plantronic bluetooth head set on 02/23/13 for two business day delivery and it just arrived on 3/01/13. It did not include an installation manual. It's still business hour but no none is picking up the phone at N1 Wireless. I've to now search for a way to install it with my Iphone 5.

Comment posted
This only addresses open box bluetooth products. I need to know if open box Iphones have their original 1 year warranty. For that matter any other open box product.

Comment posted
After reading your comments I decided not to buy.

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